Rental Tips

First impressions are very important when a prospective tenant views your property.

Decide what type of tenant you are targeting. There are tenants who want to save money and don’t mind living in a property that is not in first class condition. But if you expect to collect top rent, make sure your property is presented at its best.

A well presented property usually attracts the best quality tenants and higher rent. It also results in shorter and less vacancy periods, which means a greater return on your investment.

Property Owners

  • For the best curb appeal have the lawns mowed, weeds sprayed and shrubs and trees trimmed on a regular basis. Be sure to clean the windows, walkways, gutters and exterior of the home. When the outside looks great, the prospective tenant will much more likely walk through the front door to inspect the inside.

  • Make sure the home smells good. Get rid of ODORS, especially cigarette or pet smells. Musty smells aren’t inviting either.

  • Repair or replace leaky faucets, sticking doors, loose door handles, broken light fixtures, rotten base boards, leaky gutters, and torn window screens.

  • The property and carpets should be professionally cleaned prior to showing, neither of which is very expensive compared to rents lost.

  • New paint in neutral colors will make the property look fresh and clean. Make certain that all electrical wiring and outlets are safe and secure. This Open the curtains and blinds to let the sun and the view inside. No one likes a dark house, and the view will make the rooms feel bigger.

  • If your investment property has a pool, make sure the pool and surrounding areas are sparkling. You want the prospective tenants to think the pool is a bonus, not a hassle. If the pool system needs professional repairs, get it taken care of quickly.

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Finding the Right Property ManagementQuestions to Ask?

Finding the RIGHT Property Management Company can be complicated. Here are a few tips on what questions to ask during your search.

1) Will I have a personal contact? Will I have access to his cell phone number?

 ANS : Yes, you will have a personal contact and you will have his/her cell phone number.


2) How much is your cancellation fee?

ANS : ZERO cancellation fees.


3) What do you do to market my property?

ANS : We start marketing within 20 hours of receiving your completed contract. We market on over 40 different websites like Google, Craigslist, Hotpads,, and so on. A sign will also be placed on the property if allowed by the HOA.


4) Does a licensed agent show my property? Or do you just give out lock box codes?

ANS : Yes, there will always be a licensee Tenney Property Manager present at all showings.


5) Do you take a percentage of the tenants’ deposits as a fee? (You may not feel this one now, but it can really hurt down the road!)

ANS : No, we do not collect a fee from the tenants’ deposits.


6) Do you charge an annual fee?

ANS : No, we do not charge an annual fee.


7) How much is your marketing fee?

ANS : Can vary, please discuss with one of our professionals.


8 ) How much is your lease signing fee?

ANS : Can vary, please discuss with one of our professionals.


9) What is your monthly management fee?

ANS : Can vary, please discuss with one of our professionals.


10) Do you provide direct deposits into my account? Is my account accessible online?

ANS : Yes and you can also view statements and other important information pertaining to your property through secure login on our website.


11) Do you have a tenant guarantee?

ANS : Yes, we provide a 90 day tenant guarantee. If the tenant we place in your property stops paying rent for whatever reason within the first 90 days of lease signing, we will re-rent your property for free!